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Article Re-use of Protein A Resin: Fouling and Economics
The most significant contributor to the total cost is the Protein A resin. The cost of Protein A resin is nearly 50% higher than traditional chromatographic media with nonproteinaceous ligands (2, 10)…

Article Comparing Protein A Resins for Monoclonal Antibody Purification
As a consequence, downstream processing must accept and handle higher titers of mAbs in harvested cell-culture fluid (HCCF), and vendors of mAb purification technologies must develop chromatography re…

Article Optimizing Resin Performance with Disposable Chromatography Solutions
The experts addressed how disposable chromatography columns can be used throughout the life of a campaign, the costs and benefits associated with using prepacked columns, the complexities of resin str…

Article Development and Future of Protein A Chromatography Technology: Q&A with Jonathan Royce, Business Leader Chromatography Resins, GE Healthcare
Although Protein A resins introduced to the market in the last 10 years withstand low to medium concentrations of sodium hydroxide for cleaning, like 0.1 M sodium hydroxide and in some cases 0.5 M, th…

Poster Evaluation of Protein A resin lifetime during extensive use (overloading) in continuous chromatography mode
This application note compares the performance of MabSelect SuRe pcc resin designed for continuous capture of mAbs, with the conventional high-capacity Protein A resin MabSelect SuRe LX. The study was…


Article Capto™ High Productivity Resins
Explore Capto™ resins now >>

Article Five Reasons for Outsourcing Chromatography Resin Lifetime Studies
But are running these lengthy and repetitive studies the best use of your process development time? Discover the top five reasons for outsourcing resin reuse studies. Click here to read more >>

Article Increasing Productivity in Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography (HIC) Using Capto™ Resins
An application example is also presented in which aggregate removal results are compared using Capto™ Butyl ImpRes and Butyl Sepharose High Performance resins. Download the application note >>

Poster Process Economy Impact of Protein A Resin Alkaline Stability
This poster presents a process economy simulation comparing three protein A chromatography resins with the aim to demonstrate the influence of dynamic binding capacity (DBC) and alkaline-stability of …

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