Comparison of Three Different Screening Techniques

November 7, 2019 -

Eggert Brekkan, Anna Mattsson, Elin Monie, Lena KÃ

Screening of chromatographic conditions can be done in several ways, such as 96-well plates, mini-columns, and tips. It is important th

A Scalable Adenovirus Production Process, from Cel

July 18, 2019 -

Åsa Hagner-McWhirter, Gustaf Ahlén, Magnus Bergm

Adenovirus (AdV) vectors are commonly used in cancer gene therapy trials and evaluated for use in vaccines for various diseases. In this stu

Reduce Risk of Failure in Your Virus Clearance Stu

July 18, 2019 - Tina Pitarresi and Linnea Troeng

Effective viral clearance studies remain one of the challenges facing man

Perfusion Media Development for Scalable Processes
July 2, 2019 -

Patrick Mayrhofer (1), Andreas Castan (2), Renate

Cell culture perfusion processes are considered optimal for a truly integrated continuous biomanufacturing pipeline. The nutrient-rich but b

Scaling In-Line Buffer Preparation from Process De

May 23, 2019 -

Karolina Busson, Enrique Carredano, Jenny Dunker,

To Speed Up the Process Optimization of the Descri

March 18, 2019 -

Sushma Nayak Teichert, Anna Maria Gudmundsdottir,

When establishing purification processes for a biosimilar molecule it is important to develop steps that are scalable, selective and co

High-Throughput Downstream Processing Using Cellul

January 18, 2019 -

Ian Scanlon, Oliver Hardick, Peter Guterstam, Linn

Developing a process or looking for a clone of interest often requires screening large numbers of samples. Many analyses require purified pr

Opportunities, Challenges, and Economic Drivers fo

December 6, 2018 -

Avril Vermunt, Andreas Castan, Oliver Hardick, Mag

Continuous unit operations have been used successfully in manufacturing of several approved products with a collective revenue of $25 b

Scalable Continuous Chromatography Process for Enh

November 20, 2018 -

Linda Mathiasson*, Linda Persson*, Mikael Berg*, M

The cost pressure on biopharmaceuticals drives the industry toward exploring process intensification options that will maintain or impr

A Scalable Adenovirus Production Process
September 13, 2018 -

Åsa Hagner-McWhirter, Gustaf Ahlén, Magnus Bergm

The promising results from clinical studies on the use of viral vectors to address important medical needs have spurred interest in dev

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