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Article Fast Turnaround with Automated Column Packing
Traditionally, column packing has been an art rather than a science. The process can consume essential time and resources. Risking poor performance with a suboptimally packed bed is not an option. P…

Article Video: The solution to smarter column packing
Packing modern chromatography resins at large scale requires a column capable of axial compression to ensure stable, reproducible packed beds. AxiChrom™ columns are low-pressure, axial compressi…

Poster Columns up to 1600 mm in diameter packed with protein A chromatography medium using axial mechanical compression
For most media the packing parameters have been verified and implemented in a software application referred to as Intelligent packing and enable automated column packing.    Learn more in this …

Article The use of Xcellerex™ mixing system as slurry tank when packing chromatography columns
 The capability of the mixing system to keep the chromatography medium (resin) in suspension and the possibility to integrate the system in column packing were studied. The results show that XDM Quad …

Article Using Xcellerex™ mixing system as a slurry tank when packing chromatography columns
The capability of the mixing system to keep the chromatography medium (resin) in suspension and the possibility to integrate the system in column packing were studied. Further, an evaluation of the ef…

Article Vocabulary for Chromatography Column Packing
Here, we provide definitions for common terminology used in column packing, such as “compression factor” or “packing factor.”

Article New Guide for Packing HiScale, XK, and Tricorn Columns
This guide summarizes parameters for packing small-scale HiScale™, XK, and Tricorn™ columns with Capto and MabSelect resins from Cytiva. Download the Packing Guide

Article Development of column packing methods based on pressure flow measurements
In practice, however, additional aspects such as method of column packing, hydrodynamic pressure  drop, and efficiency of liquid flow distribution need to be considered. A typical problem to be addres…

Article How to Pack Lab-Scale Columns
Watch how-to videos >> Learn how to pack Tricorn™ and XK chromatography columns. Our new video tutorials show step-by-step instructions for a well-packed column.

Article How to Pack Lab-Scale Columns
Get reproducible chromatography performance through a well-packed column. See below for resources and tips for how to usefully pack lab-scale columns. Learn more >>

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